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120 Tools Apps & Resources For Your Website (Part 1st)

Websites for Outsourcing

Even though jobs only cost $5, you can still get some quality work here. Great for smaller projects like images, banners, quick video intros, headers and more.

Just be careful with larger projects (complete site designs, articles, etc.) because you often get what you pay for.

A great site for outsourcing articles, web design, programming and more.

One of the more popular freelancing services on the web. I’ve used them quite a bit.

Another place to find freelancers for web design, logos, programming, article writing, and more.

A great resource for outsourcing content. You can even hire people based on subject matter expertise. So if you have a site on makeup, you can request an expert on this topic to write your article.

Niche/Topic Research

Google Trends
This is a fabulous free tool to check when you’re brainstorming for a topic. Take a look at the search
trends over the past several years.

Google Keyword Planner
A free tool to check search demand. Another goody for researching a website niche.

Long Tail Pro
My favorite premium tool for finding long tail (less competitive) keywords to rank for.

Market Samurai
Another premium keyword research tool. It’s a tad bit cumbersome but the video training is very useful.

Keyword Niche Finder
Enter a keyword phrase and this tool will identify “profitable” keyword groups you can target.

Another way to check search volume for various keywords.

Micro Niche Finder
Yet another keyword research tool that will help you discover untapped or overlooked markets.

A free keyword tool to retrieve thousands of keyword ideas from real user queries.

Content Development

This tool is like a dictionary on steroids. It helps you find related words based on various criteria.
Very useful when looking for alternative words in your copy.

Google Alerts
Be notified when new content launches related to the keywords you specify. A great way to keep up with trends and content in your niche.

Some of the best content training on the Web exists at this one website. Sign up for as much as you can.

Helps you count and spot overused words in your writing.

Find hidden clichés in your writing.

Imagination Prompt
Ever have trouble starting your content? This tool will give you a prompt.

Ebook Creation and Promotion

Turn your HTML files and images into an ebook in a flash.

Scrivener is a revolutionary tool that lets you create an ebook in a variety of different formats.

Convert your eBook into the Kindle format so you can sell it on Amazon.

This tool helps you organize your thoughts and content for your book through mind mapping.

A popular shopping cart solution for selling ebooks. Includes an affiliate program for your fans to promote and recommend your product.

Another shopping cart option for selling your ebook that includes an affiliate program.

Ebook Covers

For Photoshop users only. Creates 3D covers and has an enormous selection of cover styles. This is what I used for the cover of this guide.

Offers free and paid designs.

Not only do they create ebook covers, but they also design banners for Facebook and websites.

Create a contest for your ebook cover project and select the winning design.

Tres is an ebook cover artist who will design a custom cover for you.

Get a pre-made or custom ebook cover design from GraphicZ X Designs.

Video Production

This software comes bundled with Mac computers. Includes a drag and drop interface along with trailers.

Windows Movie Maker
Window’s free movie creation software that has made many improvements over the years.

Adobe Premiere Elements
A premium movie editing software program by Adobe.

Final Cut Express and Pro
Apple’s premium movie editing software.

Affordable site for high quality intros.

Upload your logo and create an animated intro. Free and paid options.

Video Hive has some reasonably priced intros, but you need Adobe After Effects . This program is quite expensive but you can download a free trial for 30 days.

A nice selection of royalty-free music you can use with your commercial projects (i.e. YouTube)


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