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Finally Anki Drive works with Android but only works with a few devices at launch

Anki is only officially supporting the Samsung Galaxy S4, S5 or Galaxy Note 3, 4 or 10.1 (2014 Edition), and Nexus 5. Owners of those devices should be able to download the Anki Drive app from the Google Play Store later today.

Sadly, Anki lacks cross-platform play so Android and iOS users cannot play together at this time.

Last month Anki dropped the price of the starter kit to $149.99 and released a new car.

Earlier this year, Anki rolled out a significant update to the platform, adding an improved AI and a new race mode, and started selling two new tracks, demonstrating its core strength of reinventing and updating its physical products. Because the processing power of the Anki Drive is outsourced to a connected mobile device, the company can push firmware that updates and addresses bugs and features. You can’t do that with the slot cars you had as a kid.

Source:- Techcrunch.com


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