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Google Releases Video Series For Your Local Business Online

Google’s Maile Ohye has published six-videos adding up to about 30 minutes, containing advice on bringing your local business online.

He said this is the same advice that Googlers would give “our friends and family” and now they are sharing it with everyone.

The video series goes through How to create your business goals, How to find your customers online, the various ways to implement your online strategy, & More.

Here is the Links to all 6 videos

Video #1: Introduction and hot topics (3:22)

Video #2: Determine your business’ value-add and online goal (4:08)

Video #3. Find potential customers (7:41)

Video #4: Basic implementation and best practices (5:23)

Video #5: Differentiate your business from the competition (5:09)

Video #6: Engage customers with a holistic online identity (4:51)


Rohit Rathore

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