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Bing Ads: Your PPC Success With New Campaign Planner Feature

What Is Campaign Planner?

Campaign Planner is a unique new feature in the Bing Ads web interface (UI) that displays marketplace insights by vertical, product, and keyword.  Campaign Planner collects and surfaces data from the Yahoo Bing Network to reveal industry benchmarks and new investment opportunities.
 You can use this feature to research:

  • Search traffic trending and forecasting
  • Industry benchmarks and competitor performance
  • Keyword suggestions

Marketplace Insights All in One Place

Campaign Planner provides marketplace metrics such as search volume, search distribution by device, Avg. CPC (cost-per-click) and more through an intuitive, top-down taxonomy. Use the navigation panel on left to choose the industry vertical you are interested in to explore Vertical Insights.

Within each vertical, you can choose a product to further investigate.  For example, click “Women Jackets & Coats” for Product insights, including search volume trends and CPC.

Understand Industry Benchmarks and Competitors
Move over to the Competition tab to see the top 10 advertisers and how they perform in the product: “Women Jackets & Coats.”  Here you can review your competitor’s ad coverage (percentage of time this competitor’s ad showed up compared to the total ads displayed for this product) to identify whose ads are getting the most air time, and where on the page they’re strongest.

Please note: You must be signed in to Bing Ads to view data within the Competition tab.

Get Keyword Ideas for Your Campaigns
Campaign Planner makes it especially easy to find keyword opportunities for your business. Within each Product Insights page, under the Keywords tab, click to download all the keywords in the associated category and then use them to create your ad campaign.
Campaign planner provides Key Performance Indicators at the keyword level, including search volume, search distribution by device, weekly change, clicks, Avg. CTR, and Avg. CPC.  Filter by column and select the best performing keywords for your campaign.

You can also click on the individual keyword to drill down for further information.  Similar to Vertical and Product Insights, you can get search trends, various performance metrics, and competition data under Keyword Insights.

Tracking Products You are Interested In
Track the changing marketplace dynamic for your business simply by adding the products you’re interested in following to your library of My Favorite Products.

Source:- http://advertise.bingads.microsoft.com

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