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Panoramio Update

Google is about to close Panoramio

What is Panoramio?

Panoramio has been a community of talented photographers dedicated to helping us
build the world's largest geolocated photo collection and allow people to virtually explore the world on Google Maps and Earth.

Googler Evan Rapoport announced this week that Google would be closing Panoramio, the geolocation photo site that lets users upload photos to Google Maps and Google Earth.

Google will be migrating photos to its Google Maps Views platform. In an interview with CNET, Rapoport said Panoramio didn’t have a wide enough selection of photos.

“We need to be able to share more than just photos of landscapes and seascapes,” Rapoport told CNET, “Panoramio has done an amazing job, but we need to broaden that.”

Google did not give a definitive date for when Panoramio will close, but did claim it will make sure, “Views reaches a level of feature maturity that supports the needs of the community.” Rapoport admitted Views hasn’t reached that point yet, and that Google is actively working to address problems currently being reported.

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